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Can these cups be used for hot or cold drinks?
Yes, the One-Cup™ series of cups can be used for both hot and cold drinks.

Can you ship directly to our stores?
C-Store Source can ship certain standard designs directly from our warehouse to your stores with no minimum purchase required. We can also ship to your proprietary warehouse or to your wholesaler depending on the program you select.

What standard prints do you offer?
C-Store Source offers three standard prints – Specialty Coffee, Jadestone® (both available through our warehouse) and BlackRope™ (available on special order).

Can you produce custom cups?
Yes, C-Store Source can develop custom prints in one to four colors. Four-color process printing is also available.

What graphic files are required for custom prints?
C-Store Source can work with files created in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, and Quark Xpress. C-Store Source will supply additional information to anyone considering custom prints.

What are the custom order requirements?
Orders for custom cups must be a minimum of 100 cases per size, per order.

How long between when I order and when I receive my cups?

  • Standard prints:
    Orders from our warehouse are shipped the next business day via FedEx ground. Typical deliveries times range from one to four days. Orders of 100 cases of cups and lids (amalgamated) or more are shipped within one week.
  • Custom prints:
    Initial orders take between four to six weeks from the date C-Store Source receives approved artwork.
    Subsequent orders: Usually two – three weeks, but could take up to four weeks.

Will you floor stock items?
Yes, C-Store Source can arrange for items to be floor stocked. There are two requirements. First, item movement must meet or exceed 1,000 cases per year. Second, a signed floor stocking agreement must be in place.